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Autobiographies are so hard! But I suppose something (as small as it will be) is better than a blank profile. I guess I should start off saying I'm generally very shy and have a hard time making friends. I believe it stems from not only being so reserved, but because I'm rather odd. I live more in my dreams and imagination than reality. But oddly enough, I consider myself well-versed in the world and people. I'm easily amused and love to laugh. It's my favorite thing to do. I love reading, writing (until writer block sets in), sometimes I doodle, and sometimes I photograph. I'm really very simple, easy to please, patient, and am trying my hardest to be more open.

Eighty-something. 1989. female. mixed heritage. bibliophile. bookworm. wild imagination. aspiring novelist. egalitarian. anime. manga. doujinshi. books. movies. christina hendrick. supernatural. aliens. visitation. other earths. dinosaurs. sisters. big brothers. animals. running. activist. trees. earth. kokia. poetry. mystery. japan. malaysia. egypt. pacifist. jet li. turtles. sky. moon. sun. pluto. mythology. astrology. diaries. thirteen. april. family. friends. cleaning. mother nature. soul. toe socks. geisha. peace. laughing. happiness. love. possession. elderly. camera shy.
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